Harford County Sheriff 2022

Since being elected in 2014, I remain honored to be allowed to serve as your Sheriff in Harford County.  As your Sheriff, I have worked with the dedicated men and women of our Agency, as well as our elected officials and community partners, to allow the Office of the Sheriff to be at the forefront of the crime fight.  Through these partnerships and the efforts of our deputies, we have been able to realize record declines in both violent and property crimes year after year.  In fact, 2020 ended with the lowest crime ever recorded by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) for Harford County.

Such accomplishments cannot occur through enforcement alone and that is why,  our Agency has been a leader in implementing nontraditional law enforcement or correctional approaches to some of the most serious issues facing our community, such as the opioid epidemic and substance abuse.  Many of our efforts and partnerships have been modeled across the State and around the Nation and have received awards from the local, state and federal level. 

As Sheriff, I led the call to expand our School Resource Deputy (SRO) program to more secondary schools, to include our newest expansion of the SROs into Harford County Elementary Schools.  Just as importantly, as Sheriff, I led the fight to stop Maryland’s Legislature from removing these protectors of our children during last year’s Legislative Session. 

Harfor County Sheriff's Office
Jeff Gahler takes the oath of office for Harford County Sheriff

As your Sheriff, I have worked hard to bring positive change to the Sheriff’s Office and have worked to ensure the focus of this Office is to improve public safety for the citizens we serve, while looking out for the needs of the entire Sheriff’s Office and its employees.  It is my desire to continue to build on these efforts as your candidate for Sheriff in 2022.

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